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Quality Standards

Profine strives hard to meet and surpass all standards of industry relevant to our products while keeping the best prices. We use highest quality Materials and workmanship with 2 year standard warranty of all products. At Profine, materials go through two forms of testing. Fundamental testing is done when a new supplier, product or process is approved. These tests lead to the progress in quality standards, which our suppliers take full responsibility of meeting. After which, random inquiry is done to observe that the suppliers maintain uniform quality standard. Quality is checked at suppliers, as material is received at our ease and throughout the production. Profine strives hard to meet and surpass all standards of industry relevant to our products. we offer 2 year standard warranty to all products.

Coated Surfaces and testing

Wood top surface cooatingAs materials come in Profine our coated surfaces are checked for view able and factual defects. The paint and polished   finishes are tested according to their area of use or they can withstand the environment they are in. our polishes are 100% organic and environment friendly. we want to be sure about the color layers so that defects like cracks are chips do not show up during common use, appropriate UV resistance and protection from rust is to be considered. Tests are done to make sure the coated surface doesn’t crack if objects are dropped on it from reasonable heights also damage from scratch, marks or lifting of substrates is thought-out.

Leatherette & Foam

Synthetic leather samplesOur upholstered furniture with leatherette is of high quality with neat finishing. The grace and smoothness achieved by us in our leatherette products is unmatched . Some major benefits of leatherette are easy cleaning and desired high gloss finish obtained with perfection also no worries of cracking. Naturally textured leatherette is used for our products to maintain the character of material in relation to product. We use PU molded and 1st quality foam in all our upholstered products from the best brands to ensure durability and same quality every time.


Office furniture hardwareAll hardware is being imported from the high quality suppliers to meet our standards. hardware is 1st tested by our quality assurance team through durability tests. Hardware is rejected if its finishing is not upto the mark and it its gauge is not according to our specifications. Ball baring Slides that are used in drawers are tested by its weight and running smoothness. Screws are tested by its sharpness level and its grip. Gliders. wire caps and plastic materials by their finishing and material forms. we use computer generated locks and central locking system in our drawers to avoid breakage and peace of mind against theft. Handles are of absolute fineness to beautify the appearance of furniture. We use maximum 75% PVC rate Edge banding and 2mm thickness in our laminate range furniture which results high quality.

Packing System

profine furniture packing systemOur furniture packing is made up of 5 ply imported craft corrugated cartons. dissembled furniture is packed in carton to avoid any damage in transportation. corrugated cartons are designed just according to the size of the furniture and packed tightly by plastic strip warping machine. chair seat and back is first wrapped in thin plastic bags after upholstery then it is final packed in thick Plastic bags after complete assembly of chair which protects the whole chair from any damage caused in transportation.


Veneer samplesVeneers are inspected by our quality check team before they reach at Profine. Throughout the whole manufacturing process vendor masters have been established. Veneers are tested according the kind of environment it’ll be placed in Spilling of coffee or tea and pressure with writing instruments are basic tests done on the sample piece also heat and light effects are also seen. Veneers are getting popular among office environments, veneers as compared to laminates do not withstand heavy force on it pressure writing is discouraged. Use of writing pads or desk pads is preferable to increase its life and also it being a natural product has its own unique appearance. Veneer surfaces react to UV rays and sunlight and changes color according to the exposure.


Laminates samplesThe attractive laminates are used in our Table tops, workstations and storage units. Our particle boards and MDF are at highest density levels. Sustainability and a long lasting product with benefits of alluring patterns and textures are the key features of our laminates. The beautiful natural look and contemporary designs surely flourishes modern offices. High quality laminated boards which are scratch/ fade resistant to reasonable extent. Exposure to sunlight does not harm the finish of our laminated products also sudden drop of any object from a fair height does not damage the surface. Our laminates resists a great deal of wear without showing any traces. No compromise is done even if any laminated board is chipped or marked to slightest, before or after the production process. Quality control is very strict and supervisors examine the perfection in manufacturing rigidly. High quality and longer life are the best advantages of our laminated range!

Chair Components

Chair componentsAll chair components are made up of 100% Nylon plastic which is high in finish and durability. every chair Base is tested through weight by putting up to 600 kg. Wheel castors are made of polyurethane that gives almost zero% breakage rate. It is noiseless and extremely durable. High class hydraulic systems and high gauge mechanisms is our quality standards.synchronized Knee tilt mechanisms are Aluminum cast. we use imported plywood in chairs seat and back to ensure long life. All foam is used is PU molded and 1st quality. We use 100% stainless steel in most of our chairs which gives life time durability and shine. every chair has a fundamental durability and design test when its components are produced and assembled. All our chairs are easy to assemble and dissemble and parts can be replace quickly.